Our Services

We believe in providing comprehensive fire protection solutions to our clients.
We design, supply, install and conduct maintenance for the following fire protection equipments and systems:

  • Manual and Automatic Fire Alarm System
  • Automatic Sprinkler System
  • Hosereel System
  • Dry Riser System
  • Wet Riser System
  • FM 200 System
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System
  • Internal Hydrant
  • Portable type Fire Extinguisher
  • 24-hour Emergency Service

We also provide the following fire protection related services:

  • Minor Additions and Alterations works (MAA)
  • Additions and Alterations works (A&A)
  • MAA and A&A submission to the relevant authorities
  • Draughting
  • Professional Engineer testing and CED Inspection for buildings
  • Professional Engineer and Registered Inspector for endorsement
  • Application and renewal of Fire Safety Certificate
  • Fire extinguisher demonstration

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